preschool class descriptions

  • k2 Class

    This class will be 2.5 hours of non-stop, hands-on, 2/3-year-old learning twice a week. Each month we will use a theme to help us with our cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development. We will learn to kick and run, recognize our names, scribble and pour, name parts of the body that God made, put together little sentences, worship and sing, learn our colors and shapes, play pretend, learn through imitation, increase in independence, and begin to form friendships with other children through play, apologies, and forgiveness. In this class we use BJU Press's Pathways for Preschool Curriculum.

  • k3 class

    Our 3/4-year-old class, we will be actively growing, learning, and having a blast. We will use our hands, feet, and heads to begin to discover for ourselves how things work. For example, how do scissors work, how are shapes formed, what sounds do letters make, how do you hop on one foot, what makes a story, how do you button or zip a shirt or jacket? All this while nurturing the creativity and imagination we were given by God and learning more about Him and His love for us. In this class we use BJU Press's Pathways for Preschool Curriculum.

  • k4 class

    Our 4/5-year-olds are just a year away from Kindergarten. We want to make sure they are ready spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively. In this class we will learn all about our names and addresses, get to know numbers and letters better, practice expressing our emotions, practice manners and sharing, learn important life skills, learn about our own cultures and others’, and learn to practice self-control. We will attend chapel, learn about prayer and worship, and explore the Bible so that we grow towards Him in all we do. In this class we use BJU Press's Footsteps for Fours preschool curriculum.